The Old Document

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Project Introduction

The Old Document is the first global offline Realworld game!

It is a game about finding the secret key of Joseon.
Secrets leading to the key are concealed in the Old Document.

Play it now and experience Joseon today!


Historian Min, a member of the Chronicle Office during the Joseon dynasty,
was famous for his ability to record everything about the king.
He did not mind going to the extremes such as disguising or concealing himself.
One day, he disappeared. His whereabouts is unknown to this day…

Recently, an old document that was written by Historian Min was found.
That document is said to conceal a secret of Joseon.

Reveal the secret and acquire the secret key of Joseon!

RealWorld Type
Field Type
Field Type
Play Time
Play Time
about an hour
How To Play : Download Realworld App and start [The Old Document] project!
Purchase a Kit : A kit is needed to play [The Old Document]. Go to Store »
Location : Online and Jonggu, Seoul region
Recommended Players : 1 ~ 4 (※More than 4 may cause hinder movement)
Gameplay Hours : Mon. ~ Fri.(09:00 ~ 19:00) / Sat. ~ Sun. (09:00 ~ 20:00)
※ We recommend starting the game no later than 5pm, in order to finish the game in time.
※ The Old Document kit is written in both Korean and English
How to Play
You can play by downloading the Realworld app from the Playsotre / App Store.


Install RealWorld app and start the [The Old Document].


Find the location of where the secret key of Joseon is hidden by clearing the online mission.


Take the kit to the location (purchase the kit online).


Clear all the missions and find the secret key of Joseon!


1. What is RealWorld?

Realworld is an alternate reality embedded with its own story. Players become the protagonist of that world, taking initiative to solve the missions with the ‘analog kit’ and ‘Realworld app’.

2. How can I play?

You can start playing by downloading the Realworld app and selecting [The Old Document] project.
You will need to buy a kit to play the project.
Go to Store »

3. How much is the fee?

[The Old Document] project itself is free, however, you will need to purchase the kit to play the game.

4. Does the kit have an English version?

The kit is written in both Korean and English (one side Korean, the other English). You can play both the Korean version[청의 기록] and the English version[The Old Document] with one kit.